Monday, April 28, 2008

CSB survey.

Got this from Reggie.

1. ID number
--> 10078207

2. 1st / 2nd / 3rd choice
1st - Production Design
2nd - Technical Theater
3rd - Interior Design (in case may pag-asa pa ako after abandoning it in UST, hahaha!)

3. Course
--> Production Design, then Technical Theater.

4. Did you attend the Frosh Orientation Program?
--> I never became a real frosh. I was a transferee and began 2nd term.

5. Did you attend the Frosh Night?
--> Nope.

6. Have you ever been caught by the D.O.?
--> Nope, but I did leave my ID once... kung kelan thesis ko na, hahaha!

7. Who's your academic adviser?
--> I forgot who he was.

8. Favorite classroom?
--> That half-classroom in 4th floor Mutien Marie hall. I forgot what it was, hahaha. The A part was always locked and exclusive for Music Prod students (and us Techies for Music Studies with Sir Jed), but the B half is almost always empty. I always check the class sched posted outside the door (which I practically memorized because we were one of the few classes who use it), so I hang out (and sometimes eat and sleep) inside when there's no class and when I'm sick of hanging out at the SIO.

9. Do you know your GPA?
--> To be honest, I'm hardly aware of it.

10. Is CSB your first choice?
--> Nope. I didn't pass my first choice of school, and settled for UST. When I wasn't enjoying my stay there and it affected my grades, I left and quickly transferred to CSB.

Part Two

[x] You know that HRM and HRIM are two different courses.

[x] Brought / wore a jacket on a daily basis.

[x] Had a Korean classmate. (Hahaha, si Soo. Laging pinagtitripan ng block.)

[ ] Signed up for many orgs during the Star Week. (I only had one org.)

[x] Actually became part of an org. (Officer na, household head pa.)

[x] You have met 'Jenny'. (Who didn't?)

[x] You hang out at the cubes. (I sleep, eat, and do my homework there.)

[x] You hang out at Plaza V.

[x] You have had Shark's Fin with rice more than once a week. (Mura eh.)

[x] You have been to SDA and AKIC.

[x] Went on LOA/AWOL. (2 years of AWOL.)

[x] Dropped / failed a subject.

[ ] Skipped BIBSTUD at least once. (Ever since I took those Theology classes in UST, I became a sort of Jesus freak.)

[ ] The turnstile is the place to 'know people'.

[x] Waited for someone / something at the 'airport'. (Sometimes lang. May tambayan naman sa SIO eh.)

[x] You've met your academic adviser. (Even though I forgot his name, we meet him once a week during my 1st term.)

[x] Watched movies at the LRC. (When I'm really bored.)

[x] Ate Yakisoba inside the classroom. (Specially during film classes, haha.)

[ ] Used the WiFi on campus. (Wala pang WiFi noon!)

[x] Went to the CL / i-Nook to cram assignments. (Of course, who couldn't resist the free access?)

[x] Attended / watched an event in the theater for ORDEV. (I never had ORDEV; SEPERDE yung pinakuha sakin when I first enrolled, which was a combination of all ORDEV classes.)

[x] Secured a Blue Form.

[x] Missed a course card distribution day. (And I skipped it just to go on a date, hahaha!)

[ ] Missed a course card distribution day because you were on vacation already.

[x] Went through piles and piles of course card in the SIU.

[ ] Participated in the speech choir for ORALCOM.

[ ] Went to MoA in between classes. (Robinson's Place lang ang uso noon. MoA was just a patch of land over water then.)

[x] Tried to get out of the building before the clock hit 6 PM and failed. (Dahil sa dami ng chikahan sa SIO, and by the time I was out the door, Angelus na.)

[x] Tried to get out of the building before the clock hit 6 PM and succeeded.

[x] Landed on the dean's list.

[ ] Landed on the dean's list for three consecutive terms.

[ ] Parked at the 'beach'.

[x] Used the EAF to get in because you forgot your ID.

[x] Had a freaky prof. (Who didn't?)

[x] Became friends with a prof.

[x] Became friends with a guard / D.O. / ACTC person / LRC person. (Just this past term, hehe. All because I had this one huge overdue book.)

[x] Had a 6-9 class.

[ ] Went to the ACTC to renew your account / password.

[x] Tried to access Friendster in the CL / i-Nook and got blocked by Websense. (Though there was a time before when sites weren't blocked yet, hehe. That's why the CLs are always packed.)

[x] Secured handouts at the 2nd / 3rd floor Duerr Hall.

[x] Arrived late for a 7 AM class. (Arg, the only 7am classes I had were ALGEB and PE.)

[x] Had an online exam through the Moodle (What's Moodle? Our online exams for ALGEB were different, I think. Hello, year 2000 pa yun eh.)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday: Kids' recital and our space adjustment.

Went to CCP early yesterday afternoon to watch the recital of the Children's Theater classes. Of course, I wanted to see the end result of the hard work that Tad had put out for these adorable kids, hahaha. I went with him to the conference room before the show as he rehearsed the kids one more time. Sitting in one corner of the room, I just watched in amusement as Tad went to each kid one by one after the rehearsal for one final pep talk.

They had a birthday party theme, and two boys (the more hyper one turned out the be the son of Howie Severino) led the rest into a "Bring Me" game. Then Kamaal, the birthday boy, started acting like such a brat so his guests started teaching him lessons with the means of local Pinoy fables. There were these two cute Korean girls in the cast, and one of them that sported a pristine white party dress kept waving to her parents every time she saw them, sometimes flashing the stereotypical Korean V-sign for a photo op. A rendition of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown's "Happiness" was the perfect finale, as each of the kids stepped forward to share what happiness was for them.

Grace, Louie, Ellen and I were supposed to go to the costume morgue with Ate Bheng by then, but because Ate Bheng stayed to watch the other class' recital, we stayed as well. Marj and Chynna divided their class into two performances, each about searching for the "perfect family." Hahaha, their costumes were stuff borrowed from previous productions, including ZsaZsa Zaturnnah and Pinocchio. As their finale, they did a dance number using the song "We're All In This Together" from High School Musical.

Stage adjustment in Batute last night. Rawr, I'm still frustrated about my performance. It was still too mediocre, and as they kept saying, I was still locked into my previous reading. I'm still trying to dig up what I had found once, but my effort to replicate it was next to nil. Hope this new attack I'm attempting to do for Tuesday will work. Other than that, as I watched the rest of the performance, things are finally shaping up.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Recital's a little over a week away.

Early this afternoon, I suddenly get a text from Paolo that we had to bring black clothes for our class pictorial this evening. Arg, I hate it when people do this on short notice. Thank goodness I didn't go out prior to the workshop.

The early birds (including me) hung around at the south entrance before class, then headed inside the conference room when the teens' musical theater class was done and started prepping up. When most of us were done, Trency, Gino and I started hamming it up for Rayna's camera until it was time to shoot.

After this evening's exercise, Sir Dennis finally gave each of us our roles for the recital. Basically it's the same scenes that everyone has been working on, with a little minor changes and additions. My oh my, recital's at least a week away. Time really flies. Holy kamote.

Then after a 5-minute break, we gathered around again to watch another one of Sir Dennis' films, Tukso. Last week, we got to watch Sa North Diversion Road. Hahaha, I remember watching Tukso with Minette and the BFFs during its premiere at last year's Cinemalaya. There were some technical problems that caused film to be delayed about half an hour. Pretty good film, sort of like Vantage Point. Louie, Allein and I discussed the film over a late dinner after class, as well as a bunch of other things such as more character analysis, hahaha.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sitting-in at another workshop class.

As I had promised, I visited Robbie's class in Rep this evening. 

Hahaha, by the time I arrived, I suddenly forgot that people who sit in are required to participate as well. I mean, I joined the warm-ups for kicks, but when I isolated myself when they were done, Caisa was gesturing at me to join the circle of workshoppers. Hahaha, I looked at her blankly and went over to her instead. That's when she reminded me that sit-ins have to join the workshop exercises, so I finally joined the circle and participated in each of the activities.

Observation #1: Before I knock on other people, I should start with myself. I gotta learn to cut others some slack. This is a basic acting class. I guess I came to the venue feeling sort of cynical, even though I have some friends in the crowd. Plus I'm only a visitor, so I don't really have the right to act all bossy even though some don't have a clue as to what to really do.

Observation #2: I suddenly felt pretty old, considering this is an adults class. We had to do this game of charades, and some of the categories were TV shows and pop songs. Holy kamote, in the former category, when Ed had suggested the game show called 1 Million Dollar Chance of a Lifetime, almost everyone's eyebrows shot up. They didn't know what show was that. Sure, I understand that they didn't know Mork and Mindy (Robin Williams, hello!), which was what I had suggested, but I didn't realize that there are hardly any people who still grew up in the 80s in this group, hahaha. Even when our category were pop songs, once again, hardly anyone knew "Rosanna" by Toto. I mean, c'mon guys, it's TOTO! HAHAHAHA! (Yes, I'm a fan, ahehe.)

Observation #3: A lot are still pretty naive. First, when we broke into groups for a final activity on gibberish, we were told to listen to each other during the scenes we had to do because some people keep talking over other people's lines. But there are some people who still won't practice that advice when we discussed it within the groups. It's common sense, really, to listen.

Observation #4: If someone does know me and a couple of my other friends, he or she would at least be gracious enough to come up to me, say hi and introduce himself/herself, right? Hahaha. At least that way, I could finally figure out who that mystery that's been haunting Tin and me, ahehe. I mean, I don't really know all the people from the previous workshop class, but I was pretty flattered that some people, like Bianca, warmly greeted me even though I barely knew them then.

But hey, at least I had fun. I sure hope that the next time I'd sit in (even though they're more likely to be working on rehearsals for their showcase) they'd do improv, haha. Now that's my favorite.

For some reason, I suddenly remembered the latter part of Sir Dennis' Philippine Theater History lecture last Saturday. He had mentioned Rep as one of the prominent companies during the 60s, and had also mentioned each company's purpose. Very interesting info, hahaha.

Now it's back to my own regular routine.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Finally learning to explore (more).

Arg, I think I need to change my glasses again. I've been having frequent headaches again lately.

Earlier this week, I was complaining that I don't have much to work with. Then I took it back. I remember being told last week that whatever offer we were given, we have to accept it, no matter how small it is. I have to admit that it's also my fault because I have this tendency to match the energy of the person I'm with.

I had wanted to sink to the floor each time I was told that our objective was never made clear. My fault again, as I haven't been experimenting much of it.

I got to pick up a few tips during a chat with Joey yesterday morning. She recommended a push/pull exercise and mentioned inflection, or using force with voice. I was planning to do that exercise before our class started, but half the people in class had arrived late.

Funny how Joey had mentioned voice, because we did a simple vocal exercise using the 8 basic efforts. Taking the cue from there, we were tasked to do our scenes with a new challenge. Once the acting area was set up, each group had to pick one spot and stay there without moving as they did the scene. Easy enough, but the catch was that once someone from a previous group had filled a spot, we were not allowed to use that anymore. Holy kamote, when our turn came, Gigi had already picked the last remaining chair that hasn't been sat on (which almost faced upstage, interesting choice), so I settled on a standing position. Thank goodness Gigi and I talked more clearly during the break, and she finally got what I was thinking. I suddenly changed my character's reading without consciously intending it to happen, but I actually liked it, hahaha. Instead of my initial reading, my character came out more pained. Yay, clearer beats.

Sir Dennis managed to stir up the exercise even more. After each group had gotten their turn, he made us do the opposite. For every beat, there has to be physical contact, and this time, the catch is we couldn't repeat what we had done before. Holy kamote, it was pretty hilarious when Gino, Betty and Ellen were up there, specially when they were trying to come up with any physical contact possible. Suddenly my character's reading changed again, being more playful this time. Hahaha, that was fun.

Finally, I had learned to stop limiting myself. Darn these inhibitions.

I still have no idea if we're pretty much doing these characters already assigned to us, or we still have to change by next week. Betty had said that these would already be it, but Sir Dennis had said that it's not definite yet. Hmmm... I still want to try the older characters.

Attended Sir Dennis' Philippine Theater History Lecture Tour today. Reg, Kris, Allein and Louie joined me as well. It was the same tour as last year, but I only got around to really listening to it this time, as I was somehow preoccupied with some things last year as the tour progressed. I managed to pick up a lot more than what I had learned from my other history and theater history classes. It was a pretty small crowd this year, and there were different excerpts by the AC as well. There were excerpts from Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas, Pilipinass Circa 1907, For The Love of Leonor Rivera (ack, I forgot the exact title), Insiang and Himala. Hahaha, as part of the Insiang monologue excerpts, Tad got to re-do his AC audition, which was Dado's monologue.

Oh, screw this headache. Time for some rocky road ice cream.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ten things... Tagged by Marianne and Peachy.

Post the rules --

  • Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
  • Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules.
  • At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
  • Don't forget to leave them a comment telling they're tagged, and to read your blog.

  1. I have acrophobia. Even when I'm just on the second floor of a building, I'm afraid of leaning over any railing. Haha, even while walking on a pedestrian overpass like the open steel one along Buendia, I take deep breaths and walk stiffly until I make it to the other side of the road.
  2. I have skin asthma, which is hardly visible at all anymore except for this scar on my left arm and a few on my right shin. Back in high school and first year of college, I used to have huge marks on my arms and legs due to rashes (caused by stress).
  3. I've been wearing glasses since 4th grade, but I hardly wore it until 6th grade because I wasn't comfortable wearing anything on my face and thought that my eyes tickled every time I wore them.
  4. I'm addicted to strawberry ice cream.
  5. When I was in 4th grade, I was given an offer to model for Penshoppe. Being the naive kid that I was, I declined the offer because I realized that I had to be pulled out from class from time to time for projects.
  6. I have a little stuffed bear that I've had since I around 5 or 6 years old. I shared it with my brother, and even now, we still never outgrew patting his head every chance we get and making it talk.
  7. I'm also a frustrated cook/singer/dancer. I'm dangerous in the kitchen and my cooking knowledge is limited to frying and using the microwave. Thank goodness my boyfriend's a great cook, hahaha! I once took voice lessons for a month, but stopped due to super busy mode and never got around to going back.
  8. Like Tricia, I still dream of becoming a barista or an usher, but until now, I never got around to submitting my resume to any coffee shop. Hopefully, I'll be an usher this year? HAHAHA!
  9. Same as Peachy, I hate crowded places and have no patience for the clubbing scene. But it was totally ironic that we met during a gig at Dish back when it was still in Powerplant Mall.
  10. I love ballroom dancing (Chef to Go cameo, hello! HAHAHA!), specially if I find a partner who can lead well and can dance like Fred Astaire, but so far, I never got around to dancing often.

Rosa Gabuna, Iam Pugeda, Maryll Lerit, Ola Concepcion, Opa Santos, Teena Von Einsiedel, Mae Castro, Cindy Mayo, Faye Garcia, Phoebe Yu and whoever manages to chance upon this entry. Hahaha.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Gino, Betty, Grace and I had dubbed ourselves as "The Comebackers," being the only 4 returning workshoppers in our class. I thought of this as clique-ish at first, but then I realized that we were all still trying to create rapport with the rest of the class.

We had formed "The Comebackers" when we were asked to break into groups of 4 people for an Oracle improv exercise. The first 2 groups had to speak one word at a time, but when our turn came, instead of speaking one by one, we were tasked to speak as one all at the same time. Hahaha, that was fun. As the questions grew longer and crazier, our answers got as funnier as the questions were.

In "desperate" attempts to still "unfreeze" after last night's class, a bunch of us, went out to Kala Bar at Harbour Square. The Comebackers, sans Betty, were there, plus Cara, Louie, Vince and Cris. Crazy people, while I was in the middle of a conversation with someone, the rest had told the band that it was my birthday. What I didn't know was that birthday celebrants were invited to jam with the band. Hahaha, I got a proxy instead, and got Gino to sing. And not just one song, mind you. He sang 3 songs, hahaha! "Parang ayaw ko nang bitiwan yung mic," he said before the 3rd song.

Typical getting-to-know you conversations led to everyone's first impression of each other, and I was mighty surprised that someone actually thought of me as a "bad girl," as opposed to "cheerful, pala-bati," which was what the rest had said. Interesting.

When the band asked if the "birthday girl" was still interested to jam, I got Vince to sing next, hahaha. I already knew he had a voice, after having seen him in one of DF's Crossroads festival plays last year, and when we did that machine exercise the other night, he made a sound that actually had a vibratto, hahaha. Like Gino, he didn't let go of the mic and got to sing about a couple more songs, hahaha.

It was fun to finally get to talk to the rest aside from right before class and just talking about how to go about the assignments and each other's performance. Next week we're all planning to hang out at Louie's hotel room after Friday's class. It's cheaper, hahaha!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Myriads of choices.

I have two bruises on my right knee alone. I had forgotten that I bruise easily on the knees, hahaha. While I was rolling on the floor last night for that explode/implode exercise, I knew I was going to find at least one bruise this morning.

I remember Betty's text messages during their workshop class last year, which made me think whether I should take this new class or not. She complained of how her head was spinning because mostly the class focused on script analysis and they did a lot more of sitting down.

I guess it seemed the same this year, but we still managed to get off our bums and work on scenes with small groups. Tuesday night was fun because aside from keeping super objectives and all your beats in mind, Sir Dennis and Mayen added a little punch in the situation for each scene. The more we did the scene (leaving our scripts on the table), the more we got comfortable and started listening to each other more. One thing I realized is that you shouldn't really have to be afraid of the silence, hahaha.

Huwaw, I can't believe that there are so many things to consider when creating your character. (Hence the title.) There are so many choices, a wide range of characteristics. Even from previous classes, way way back, when we're told to try to make a character's biography, we weren't exactly told much as to how. I only found direction in how to do so when I started in TP. Then in come the terminologies such as the spine or the super objective and the thesis, all which I keep hearing before, but never got around to finding what it really is. Haha, finally, some light on the subject.

While sitting on the floor of one classroom with Peachy yesterday afternoon, I briefly told her about what we do in class. She discreetly wrinkled her nose and said that she just wants to be a musical theater actress. Which, in turn, got me thinking, isn't it the same? Be it in a straight play or in a musical, it's still comes down to all these. I suddenly realized that some actors don't really have an in-depth idea of who their character really is, and they just rely on pure talent. And without myself voicing out my query in class last night, Sir Dennis had confirmed it.


Yesterday was the most physical we ever got, as we stopped using our scripts for a while and explored our bodies. That's how I got those bruises on my knee when Mayen got us rolling on the floor. Hahaha, when we started imitating each other's walk, I was ready to laugh my ass of when Gino did mine.

We have 4 additional people in the class this week. They were from the merged Beginning Acting/Acting in Musical Theater class, but they got dissolved because the class didn't make the student quota of 10 enrollees. So now there's 16 of us in the class. Now I'm wondering how we're going to divide the characters of Ang Mga Propesyunal among us. Or are we getting new material for the recital now that there are a lot more of us?

Off to work more on the assignment. Before I went to bed, my mind was still reeling so I need to do a bit of scribbling.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


It's frustrating every time I come home and I'm greeted by snide comments, complaints and accusations of being at fault for someone's vertigo.

It shows how much support I get here.

Every year, day in and day out, this is what I get.

Ang sakit talaga. Kaya araw-araw, ang hirap umuwi eh. Dahil yun ang laging bumabati sa akin. Di man subukang intindihin.

Akala ko ako ba na ang bahala sa sarili ko? At bakit mas malakas ang pagbuhos ninyo yan ngayon?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Stage fright?

Was chatting with Lexi (Happy Birthday!) last night and when I brought up the topic of theater and acting...

Lexi: what happend to that stage fright?
Lexi: wala na?
Me: hahaha
Me: stage fright?
Lexi: diba may stage fright ka
Lexi: kaya ka palagi backstage?
Me: hahaha
Me: nah
Me: i don't think i ever encountered stage fright.. takot lang of doing a mediocre performance

I don't think I ever mentioned having stage fright, or even it being the reason of my passion of working backstage in theater.

What is stage fright, really? Sure, I do get intimidated, I don't have that much confidence, but I don't really know the real meaning of stage fright. Is it the fear of having to be in front of people? Is it the same as what I feel; the feeling of pulling off just a so-so performance?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Chef To Go

Dyown had sent an email over a month ago in hopes of being featured in QTV11's Chef To Go. The show then responded and agreed to feature her and the rest of the BFFs, as a post-birthday celebration for her, hahaha.

They were supposed to shoot the episode a week ago, but because they couldn't find a venue, it was postponed to this week. Unfortunately for us, everyone was only available last week, so the ones who made it this week were Dyown, Zee, Micah and me. Nar was supposed to come as well, but because he was "not in the mood" (quoted by Dyown), he didn't make it. Plus he had finals that day. So Dyown managed to nab a couple of her guy friends, Jojo and Billy, to join us.

Met up early yesterday morning at Starbucks in Shang, then off we went to McDo near Quezon Ave to meet with Arlene, Dyown's contact from the show. It was a pretty long wait, so we managed to grab breakfast before the service picked us up. Then it was off to Meycuayan, Bulacan.

The shoot was at Alessandra's, which was the very same venue where Rosa's friend Trina had her wedding reception. Too bad I didn't get to go up to where the infamous pre-nup photo was taken, hahaha. Anyway, we were told during the car ride as to what will happen, but even then, I had no idea of what will really happen because I'm not really a fan of television (well, except for American Idol). As it turned out, our chef for that particular episode was the not regular chef but Marvin Agustin, hahaha. And his special guest was Miss Earth 2004 herself, Priscilla Meirelles from Brazil. Who? Hahaha. It's obvious that I'm not also a fan of these beauty contests.

Anyway, we were then briefed by the director of what will happen. Basically it was a themed thing. Latino "party." Latino food, mostly Cuban. Then we were going to dance a little samba. Huwat? No wonder we were told to bring skirts. We were then introduced to Mikko, the designated dance instructor. We had a pretty equal number of guys and girls, as we were required to be, but then Mikko had to be paired with Dyown the birthday girl, so he asked who knew how to dance. Everyone pointed to me because I was a sucker for ballroom, so I was the one left without the partner. Nyak, so what was the use of keeping us an even number? Hahaha. I swear, ang labo ng mga tao all throughout the day. A little later, after we were dressed in our appropriate skirts and dresses, we found out that we needed more "bongga" dresses in the finale. Huwat? The only information I got was to bring rehearsal clothes and a colorful skirt, so that's what I did and that's what I told the director. What he was hoping for as rehearsal clothes pala were skirts pa rin. Jeez. Kung gusto niyo ng ganun, eh di sana naging specific kayo.

Then as the entire thing progressed, it turned out that we were only served as background while Marvin cooked the food. Not only background, but we were supposedly rehearsing for a samba dance number that will serve as the finale. If it weren't for the BFFs, I would've have done this, hahahaha. But don't get me wrong. I love learning ballroom, but dancing for about 5 hours (even in intervals) drove me crazy.

It was actually cool learning the samba, which is very similar to the cha-cha. It was difficult dancing without a partner, so I just mirrored everyone's moves. After shooting the first part of the dance, because Mikko noticed that I managed to pick up quickly, we got to do little variations while they shot the cooking scenes with us in the background. It was actually fun having a dance partner who can lead well. He said that I can easily read his hand and wrist movements as to which direction he wants me to go, which was mighty good compliment for me, hahaha. Holy kamote, I was the one who got uber-tired of dancing. All those variations got me dizzy from all the twirling. But all that twirling made my skirt look pretty, hehehehe. I hope some of that was on tape, hahaha. It would make up for the part when one of my sandals flew off (hopefully only a handful of people noticed, hehe).

Darn it, I want to dance ballroom again!

Anyway, eventually we all got tired of dancing and "rehearsing the dance" in the background so we sometimes ended up just talking and joking around in between dishes. Every time Marvin finished something, he would call our group to the table so we would sample it, then we had to give our comments and stuff. First was this drink called the Cuban Libre, which was some iced tea with some vodka or some other mix. Hahaha, after the toast, Marvin was the first to say, "Ang tapang!" Second was tomato soup served in a shot glass, which was pretty yummy (reminiscent of gezpacho), but Dyown gave the famous "Is this mint?" punchline, hehe. (It was actually basil.) Third were fried potatoes with some cheese filling, and all of us were filmed one by one, giving our comments on that. This is where "Fluffy" and "Just the way I like it" came in, hahahaha! The fourth was some sandwich that I didn't really appreciate because it tasted too sour for me, which I was to polite to say. I don't really like pickles and mustard, and those were the ones that had the dominating taste. But the dessert made up for it (Priscilla's favorite part as well as mine), which were small orange pies that was kind of tarty.

Hmmm... I wonder if I could get the recipes for the soup and the potato-and-cheese thing. I forgot what everything was called, hahahaha.

My feet were killing me by the time the shoot was over, and I was so tired by the time we got back to Manila that I didn't make it to my workshop class. Rawr, I missed a lot.

Betty was the one who didn't make it to this evening's class, so I took over her place, as they had an assignment to act out part of a scene in Ang Mga Propesyunal, as an exercise in objectives. Arg, darn that speech pattern.

The merged beginning acting class and acting in musical theater class got dissolved. That's too bad. I got to watch the latter part of their class last Wednesday because our class got out early. And their class seemed promising. We got to absorb a couple of the students from that class. I'm not sure about the 2 others yet.

Yay, it's the weekend. At least I have 3 days to work on that first assignment for Tuesday. Character profiles for the 3rd year in a row, but on to the next level, hehe. At least there's more time to read and re-read the script.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Back to workshop mode.

Yesterday was the day when I felt that summer has officially began for me, hahaha.

I made a quick stop at school for manual (igh) encoding, and to my dismay, 2 classes closed on me. Darn darn darn. I guess I have to do course adjustment. But that was easy. I was in and out of the registrar in 10 minutes. It was still pretty early, so what in the world was I going to do next?

Off to CCP, hahaha. Tad was teaching the Children's Theater 1 class with Paolo, so I went to lobby and bugged Paulo and some of PAD's OJTs at the registration table. Ms Nikki dropped by every once in a while, and some time later I found myself listening to Paulo, Alex (one of the OJTs) and Ms Nikki's conversation about religion and philosophy, all because we found out that Alex was a seminarian.

Met up with Tad for lunch when their class ended, then after a while, I joined him at the gym. Hahaha, that's because he said that beginning yesterday, he'll start working out to lose weight. Naks. Anyway, while he was lifting weights, I checked out the rest of the equipment and decided to try out their treadmill. Holy kamote, an old fashioned treadmill? It looked pretty scary to use because it was the "manual" (?) kind (haha, I don't know how to describe it). I might fall flat on my face and slam it on one of those metal cylinders under the belt, hahaha. But I tried it anyway. A good run for 15 minutes.

Hung out in the lobby when he was done, and we even got into a little chat with Sir Jethro. But because it was Tito Jun and Tita Tessie's wedding anniversary, Tad had to leave a little while after that. So I went with Paulo to the TP office so I can finally pay my workshop fee.

A little past five, I went to the buffeteria to grab an early lunch before our workshop class had to begin. Found Roeder there, and gave me the usual quip when I told him that I had signed up for Sir Dennis' class. When I joined some of the AC at their table, I found out that Mayen was going to be teaching with Sir Dennis, yay, hahaha.

Mayen, Bong and I then headed to the MKP, mostly because Bong wanted get some sleep, haha. Mayen and I were still in high hopes that we would reach the student quota so our class wouldn't be dissolved. I was pretty optimistic the whole day because I had this feeling that some people were just waiting for the last minute to enroll.

Yay, by the time class was already in session, there are 11 of us in attendance, with another student who'll be arriving next week. 12 students. Not bad.

We did a supposedly cold reading (first day pa lang, pero hataw na ang karamihan, hahaha) of Ang Mga Propesyunal by Bienvenido Noriega, Jr. Sir Dennis had already chosen a play before the class began, but when he saw the number of males and females that our class had (there were 3 guys and 8 girls), he quickly got another play for us to read. Discussion of our first impressions of the play right after a 10-minute break. Holy kamote, as it turned out, this play will already be our recital.

"So when do we work on our voice, our body, etc.? What's the name of the class again? Rehearsal and Performance Techniques."

Smiles and nods all around the table. That's why there was a prerequisite of prior acting experience.

I guess I made the right choice of taking this class.

Now, back to homework.