Saturday, June 28, 2008

Labfest opening.

Virgin Labfest 4 finally opened this week. I kept telling myself that I couldn't wait for the show to open so I can finally breathe easier. Plus, schedules wouldn't be as crazy anymore, as there are other things that I have that's been piling up.

We were supposed to have our DTR last Sunday, but because of the darn weather, all rehearsals had been canceled that day. DTRs resumed on Tuesday, beginning with our set (Set A: Kapamilya, Kapuso, Kabisyo). By Wednesday, I was already a wreck, as we had called rehearsals in between Virgin Labfest 3 Revisited's matinee and evening shows so we can rehearse a certain prop that never came. Darn it. We finally resolved the issue by coming up with an alternative that was used in Himala the Musical.

Thursday came. Way too early call time to give way for a final DTR before our opening show at 3pm. One thing I just want to say during final DTRs is "Huwag mo akong ngaragin." Hahaha, I've been using that line since my thesis days, but lately I've been too nice to do so. I don't know, what annoys me like hell is when someone would nag at me for slacking off when I'm already trying to do my job. Yes, I'm too nice to speak up for myself, ahehe. The very few who know me that well know what I'm talking about, hyukhyukhyuk.

DTR was pretty much alright, except for a few miscues. Plus I had to wash May's costume immediately after our show, so I didn't get to watch the other 2 plays. I was gearing up for the 3pm show though. Of course, there was even a time that I had to run to Harrison Plaza to buy Karo syrup, but by the time I got there, Shopwise had run out of the darn stuff, so I had to return to CCP empty-handed.

That day was almost like my birthday, working like crazy without even any time for a breather. It was our 9th month, and Tad and I didn't even get to see much of each other, specially after a little minor disagreement the night before. But one sweet gesture, he appeared in the Batute dressing room just long enough to put a venti coffee jelly frappuccino in my hands as a peace offering. Thanks, love! Too bad I didn't get to drink it at that time, so I just left it on the one of the counters by the refreshments.

Thanks to Zee, Dyown and Billy for watching the 3pm show! Sorry I didn't get to stay and chat.

Even though our blood effect didn't work during the matinee show, I still had a bit of laundry duty as the dress that May wore still had some red stains on it, probably from the shower where we had put red food coloring in the water. Thanks to Ate Bheng's patient instructions, I managed to wash and dry the dress just in time for the evening show.

Even if the blood effect worked for the 8pm show, there were still a few glitches then. First off was that May couldn't find the gauze bandage I handed over to her before the show (which I found on the floor in the dressing room, ahehehe). Then our shower went off when the faucet was turned on, hahaha! I was cringing the whole time and was avoiding any view of Tuxqs in case he was doing the same. It was still a good show, though.

To unwind, I found myself in the dressing room during Ang Mga Halimaw, finally happily sipping that coffee jelly delight in a plastic cup. Shared it with Tara, Anna and Martha to hype them up for their own play, Amoy ng Langit, which is the 3rd play in our set. Afterwards, I started collecting my props, quietly bringing them to the prop room so I don't have to worry about lugging all of them during the strike.

Props to Mia for hanging tough out there, by the by. You've finally been "devirginized" by the Labfest, hahaha. Doncha just love the feeling of being up there and hearing "Standing by..." and "Going..." after your every command? Hahahaha!

Two shows down, two more to go. Congratulations to everyone involved in Virgin Labfest 4! And break a leg to those who are still about to open tomorrow!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

An old Playshop photo from 9 years ago.

Found this in Nicole's Facebook a couple of weeks ago...

Holy kamote, the first Trumpets Playshop in Alabang.
Circa 1999.
(Click on photo to enlarge.)

This photo was taken during our rehearsals for our showcase at the Debbie Decena Auditorium in De La Salle Zobel.

We were still kids back then, hahaha! Well, except maybe for Gary (ahehe). I was the quiet one with the glasses that always wears these plaid flannel shirts and tie-die tees, still way too innocent and shy. Yakkk, hahaha! I really miss this crowd. It was the first class ever taught by Tita Menchu. She wanted a really small class and ended up with about 30 students, that on our first day, she was trying to get some people to move into the Basic Acting class, hahahaha!

We came up with an original musical for our showcase, called Putting It Together, and got songs from different musicals and tried to tailor-fit it to for our class. Hahaha, I know no one will believe this now, but we were the original singers of "Playshop Baby"!

I wonder where more than half the people in the photo are now? I miss you guys!

Rain = day off.

It's been raining nonstop all morning. It's only an hour before noon but it's as dark as it should be when the sun had just set. Darn this rain. There was also a power failure this morning, and my cellphone's signal keeps fluctuating. Rawr.

Thank goodness I had charged my phone the night before and I had still had signal when Ed had called me to say that all Labfest DTRs and other rehearsals have been canceled today due to the weather. Yay. I don't think I'm up to rehearsing in the freezing cold Batute after enduring such crappy weather. I don't want to go through a relapse.

Last Friday, I still wasn't feeling well, but I still went to class. I had a cold during my first class and found myself almost dozing through another film viewing. By my second class, I already had a slight fever and almost fell asleep in the middle of the discussion. By the time the prof had called for a break, I took some medicine, then took a look at the notes I had taken and I could barely understand everything that I wrote, hahahaha!

By the time I arrived at CCP for rehearsal, I was sort of feeling better. Thanks to Opa for giving me a hand bringing my props and refreshments to Silangan Hall. I sort of spaced-out during rehearsal, but we managed to do 2 run-throughs.

No class yesterday afternoon, but we were required to check out that Pepe Goes to Market at the Fort. But of course, I had rehearsal first. I have to admit, these past rehearsals are getting better already. I was already prepping up for the DTR and can't wait for the show to open.

Rosa and Aris also joined me at Market Market, after they had seen yesterday's matinee show of Avenue Q. After quite a while of sitting around, we were getting hungry. So we quickly left, partly because of our annoyance of a bunch of kids behind us, and headed for Yellow Cab. Hahaha, Rosa just had to say out loud, "I think I'll forever be childless."

Headed for the department store so Rosa can finally purchase that shampoo she's been searching for. When she finally found it, we suddenly bored over the entire kikay section of the store, having realized it was a haven of cheap thrills, with Aris simply just trailing behind us, hahaha.

I have to admit, I love weather like this. But only if I get to stay indoors and just veg out in front of the computer or TV, or just lie in bed with a good book. Funny, but I suddenly remember the good times I had a couple of years ago during that awful storm with no electricity for a few days. I spent afternoons on the landline (because there was hardly any cellphone signal, and my battery was already drained), and evenings reading books by candlelight. Hahaha.

Oh yeah, I learned something new yesterday. Since Rosa had learned German since her stay in Switzerland last year, she tried to explain to Aris the literal meaning of "schadenfreude" when they first heard it in Avenue Q yesterday.

schade = waste
freude = delight

Hmmm... so delight in such a waste? Waste of delight? Hahahaha. Rosa, help! I guess I got used to "happiness at the misfortune of others."

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nearing Labfest. Ranting. Randomness.

I think I'm going to come down with something. My throat felt sore since this afternoon. Maybe it had something to do with how I almost got caught in a sudden downpour as I was walking to CCP. Or most likely it's because of the severe change of temperature since yesterday, when it was pretty warm outside and freezing cold in Batute as we did stage adjustment and lights plotting.

Virgin Labfest had a different feeling for me this year compared to last year. I was a novice back then. I had no idea how do get around. Worse, was my schedule was too tight. This year, even with my school schedule, I still managed to work around it, and still find some mornings to sleep in.


It's annoying how my mom still can't seem to understand the world I'm in. She doesn't understand the late nights in the theater, the crazy schedules, and having to go out on Sundays. Once I had returned to school, she didn't want me to do anything else. Hello, no life? The mere mention this evening of a student thesis where I'm getting paid for seemed like a big deal to her already, because it meant more late nights and crazy schedules. What am I, twelve? Well, it's not really the curfew she's concerned about. It's about her having to wait up for me because she's the one who opens the gate. She doesn't understand the convenience of leaving me with a key.

Just this evening, she even bribed me by not going through with that thesis play and just told me that she'd just give me the amount the thesis group was paying me. ARG. You can pay me if it's only about the schedule. But you cannot pay me just for that, because I want the experience. This is my outlet, one of the many things my parents have been suppressing me from. At the age of 26, you still don't want me to do this? Do I have to wait until you're totally senile for me to pursue my passion?


Ever heard of Eksena Manila? It's a local group that part of the Improv Everywhere Global Network. Just stumbled into their site. 3 missions accomplished so far, but I have to admit, I wasn't all that impressed with their MOA freeze. They should've come up with more interesting poses than just sitting down or walking. I guess the most interesting freeze I saw there was the guy who was about to take a bite of his food.

I've been a fan of Improv Everywhere since I read about their Moebius stint 5 years ago. My favorite missions so far was the Frozen Grand Central Station (which was even replicated in Law and Order with Robin Williams), and the Food Court Musical (which wasn't really improv as they had rehearsed it a few times before they executed it). Their most recent mission, the Camera Flash Experiment, was quite interesting. 700 agents along the Brooklyn Bridge! My oh my.


Arg, my slight sore throat had developed into a cold. I hate this. I'll be ngo-ngo by this weekend as I call cues into a headset.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Am I a jinx?

The title says it all.

Am I a jinx?

Wala lang, just a thought.

Isa pa.

Ang hirap magsalita pag kailangan mong i-explain ang iniisip at nararamdaman mo... at ikaw mismo ay hindi mo maintindihan kung anong nararamdaman mo. Mas mahirap pa kung pipilitan ka to do so.

OK, enough of that for today.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Re-visiting Avenue Q.

Since Saturday, I've been getting calls from certain food sponsors that Atlantis had gotten for Avenue Q's farewell run. I told them that my mobile number is no longer affiliated with the company, and I kept having to forward the Atlantis mobile number to them several times because they still kept on calling.

Lawyn had joked that it's me that they still want to talk to, as I had been the designated contact person for most of our sponsors (specially food sponsors). I took this as a sign that I need to pay Atlantis a visit, as I haven't even given any of them a ring or a text or whatever since January. (Eep. Sorry guys.) So I dropped by late yesterday morning and surprised them. Yep, the whole gang was there, Ate Sally, Lawyn and Kuya Boni. Hahaha, after some major chitchat, they put me to work, slipping the new Avenue Q shirts into plastic bags. I didn't really mind. I missed bagging all those darn shirts, hahaha. As a treat, we patronized the current sponsors by having Yoshinoya and Brooklyn pizza for lunch. Yay! And a late dessert from Krispy Kreme.

The last time I paid the office a visit, the place was a mess, as the entire room was being repainted and all the stuff in the back were to be brought to a new warehouse. Now the dingy white walls were painted a nice yellow, the big old table we stocked in the back was brought out and is in the middle of the room, and all the other office tables were pushed along the walls. New office chairs, a new computer, and (finally) DSL connection. Old posters have finally been framed and hung on the walls, even in the bathroom (make a guess what show that was).

After lunch, more people started coming in. Claire and Steph (who work for Cinderella) found their respective places, and Mae and Gen also came to help out with the shirts. I haven't seen the office so full since the King and I dancers' briefing with Ms. Liza, hahaha!

By 5 in the afternoon, Lawyn, Mae, Claire and I left for RCBC for Avenue Q DTR. Went up to the auditorium first to leave a couple of cakes backstage in the production room (as it was Jojo's birthday), then we went down to Starbucks to kill some time. I found out that Chynna is also part of the production, taking Karen's place as ASM for sounds. It felt weird not seeing Chynna as the SM in charge. Perky took Lambert's place as SM.

There were a couple of new faces in the cast for the farewell run. Carla Guevara took Rachel's place as Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut. Thea, Ric's wife, now takes over Teenee as Mrs. Thistletwat and "others," hahaha.

I love Carla's interpretation of Kate and Lucy. Not that I didn't enjoy watching Rachel before. I just liked that Carla made it different than the ones I've seen. I've noticed a few slight changes as well, but the difference worked wonders.

I missed the cast, the production and creative team. The ushers. All the familiar faces. Even just sitting in the lobby. But no regrets really. I'm happy where I am. I can always go back anyway. If that's what I really want to do. But I do believe that there is something else for me.

Visiting Atlantis and Avenue Q was a time well spent.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Keeping myself busier, if not busy enough.

"Hogi, bakit hindi ka na nag-update ng blog?"

Opa had asked me that question during one of our rare petiks moments during amidst this year's Labfest.

I don't know, I guess I haven't found a good time to blog and all that. Every time I go online and attempt to update, my mind draws a blank. But I have to admit, I missed being pretty busy. So during times when I don't have class or rehearsal, I find myself sidling up behind someone's shoulder in the TP office, or sitting in at another play, or hanging out in the prop room with Opa, or even dragging her somewhere to eat and talk before Ed finally starts looking for her.

So I guess I just want to keep myself busy because I enjoy doing these. I sometimes find myself itching to do something, like help out the next rehearsal of another play instead of just sitting around. Hahaha, sosyal ang Reyna ng Kalungkutan kagabi, 3 ASMs on call.

Just a thought. It's tough to keep a promise that you made and end up breaking, even if you didn't do it on purpose. Maskit ang consequences at effort talagang ipaglaban. Pero eto talaga, natututo ako kung paano bumitaw kung kailangan, at syempre kung kailan din kailangan ipaglalaban.

Ganun pala yun. Maraming nagsasabi na "I'm a lover, not a fighter" or the other way around. Pero yun pala you have to be both at the same time.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


After rehearsals of Las Mentiras de Gloria, I found Tuxqs at the south entrance with Tad before their rehearsal of another play. When I joined them...

Tuxqs: Nabasa mo na yung 2nd book ng Zaturnnah?
Hogi: Yung 1st few pages? Oo.
Tuxqs: *gestures to Tad* Kamukha niya si Lester diba?
Hogi: *glances* Oo nga no!


*photo of Lester from

Monday, June 2, 2008

What's in your bag?

Dyown posted a similar entry in her blog, taking a picture of the contents of her bag (using the negative effect of her camera) and getting viewers of that entry to guess what those things in the photo were.

I had meant to post a "what's in your bag" entry of my own a little while back, but I got too lazy. But here we go. I had finally emptied the contents of my bag before I get busier and I just have to jam-pack everything into any bag that I use.

  • Jacket - Just in case the weather or the venue I'm in gets cold. Or if I'm too lazy to bring out my umbrella so I could just use the hood. Most (if not all) the jackets I own are black, hehe. Most of you know why.
  • Script of current production I'm involved in - Las Mentiras de Gloria for Virgin Labfest 4.
  • Ratty envelope for miscellaneous stuff - I don't like stuffing papers in folders and notebooks.
  • Notebook - This is my current favorite notebook, given by Teena ages ago. I only got around to using it last year in Labfest 3, then again this summer for workshop notes. Now I'm finally using it for school as well, haha. And yep, I always need to have my pen and/or mechanical pencil inserted in the ring.
  • Coin purse - It's tough having to pull out my entire wallet all the time, so I use a separate purse for change and scattered small bills.
  • Wallet - The rest is there, as well as ID and other cards.
  • Cellphone - Of course, I had to use my current phone to snap this photo, hahaha. My 3-year-old 6260 is just for display. It's for sale, by the way. I'm just selling the unit, though. No charger included, sorry. If anyone's interested, just PM or text me.
  • Toiletries bag - Essentials are toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and sanitary napkins.
  • Cologne/Perfume - This current scent is actually a Christmas gift for my mom. Because she still uses her favorite perfume, I "borrowed" it indefinitely, hahaha!
  • Handkerchief - My mom taught us since we were kids to always keep a handkerchief in our pockets. I still do so, but because most of my pants have no pockets, I keep it in my bag.
  • Comb - Another essential thing, hahaha. I used to be so OC and ever dependent on my comb.
  • Compact and lip balm - Yes, those are the only kikay things I bring everyday, as I'm not exactly as kikay as every other girl out there.
  • Umbrella - For hot days, to keep the sun out. For rainy days, to keep myself dry.
  • Hairtie and clips - Depends on what activity I have to do for the day, I always have to have these in handy to keep my hair up and my bangs out of the way.
  • Lens case - In case I need to rest my eyes from my contact lenses.

So there we go. What about you? What's in your bag? Guys included. I know there are some guys out there who have these "men's purses." Wasn't there a time when guys used to tote these sort-of clutch bags before?

Hahaha, speaking of which, I remember watching one episode of Beauty and the Geek. Josh, one of the geeks, always brings this "murse," or man's purse (hey, that's what he called it) everywhere he went, even to the elimination room, hahaha!

2 more recitals.

After class and hanging out with Drei and Ting yesterday, I headed off to Onstage Theater at Greenbelt for Robbie's workshop class showcase of Jekyll and Hyde. Peachy had recruited me as a front-of-house volunteer, so I decided to watch the DTR, knowing that I won't get to watch the opening. Too bad the rehearsal had already started by the time I got to the theater.

I had forgotten that this was a beginner's class, but there are some people in the cast that seemed promising. One girl even took over someone else's role just that very day. Did someone get "fired" or something? The girl who played Lucy was pretty okay, though she did give a pop-ish feel to "Someone Like You." And the guy who played Hyde (Harold's lookalike, hahaha!), holy kamote, I fear for his voice. Sundee had simply said that he sings that way because he's a rocker, but hello, even rockers have to take care of their voices, right?

By the second act, I was sitting in the same row where Robbie and Peachy were at, with the projector table. Peach handed me a bag containing all of the tickets that the workshoppers had reserved for their guests, as well as a whole bunch of SRO tickets, as the show was already sold out (huwaw). She told me a few basic things about the tickets, then Harold volunteered to assist me (relief!). Etienne suddenly appeared minutes later, saying that there are a whole bunch of people already lined up outside, so I headed out along with one of the OJTs (I forgot her name, sorry!) to man the FOH table.

FOH was... crazy, hahaha! Remember how much I sucked at math every single time with Atlantis shows? But Harold the human calculator saved the day. In time, we got things under control, but we couldn't leave the table even when the show was starting. Poor guy, Harold even paid for his ticket and he didn't get to see the opening number. But I don't get it, if this workshop showcase is under Rep, why don't they have their own people manning the FOH? *shrug* Harold and I ended up catching the last quarter of the first act while sitting on the stairs by the time we were done.

After the intermission, I ended up sitting on the stairs again, this time next to Andrei and Toff at the loge section. Better view, yay, and I didn't really mind where I sat because I had seen those parts already except for the last few scenes. Andrei and Toff had to leave early so I finally managed to get my bum on a seat cushion, hahaha.

Congratulations to Robbie, Caisa, Peachy (the birthday girl!), Janina and the A6 class! You guys did great!

This afternoon, after Tad had come over at my house, we headed to Starmall here in Las Pinas for my cousin David's school recital. Yep, I'm so darn proud of my cousin's music school. Hahaha. Kaths, my closest cousin in the world, was also there as one of the two hosts along with David's friend Angie. Hahaha, half the time that Tad was there (he had to leave early so he can rest for a shoot early tomorrow morning), we were chuckling at those adorable Korean kids who had taken voice lessons. There was also this one 6 year-old boy who played the drums with his teacher's band. That kid was amazing. For a while, you'd think that he was slowing the band down, but when you start to listen, it was actually the band that wasn't following his consistent beat.

Wahaha, one of the voice students, this sassy pre-teen girl (who had 2 noisy and equally sassy and annoying friends behind me) sang "Someone Like You" from Jekyll and Hyde, hahaha! As if I hadn't had enough of it last night!

The last part was my favorite part of the recital, where the teachers have their turn to perform. God's Awesome Power Choir's rendition of "Kruhay" and "Manila" was very catchy and lively, I love it! And Patrick, my voice teacher last year, even sang "All I Ask of You" from Phantom of the Opera with my teacher-to-be, Anne.

Despite the lack of technicals and lighting, I would say that the recital was a success. My oh my, I can't wait to re-enroll for more voice lessons. Of course, I had better crack open my Solfege book first. Dave, don't forget our new agreed-upon family discount, hahaha!