Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trio in Tagaytay.

Because yesterday was a holiday, Rosa, Iam and I took advantage of the free day to get together... on a road trip to Tagaytay.

Of course, I still had work in the morning, so after an uneventful shift at the office, I hopped on a bus to Alabang, as Rosa, Iam and I had decided to meet at Festival Mall. I just love the roads during holidays. SLEX was free of traffic jams, so it only took a while to reach Alabang. Met up with Rosa after her appointment at Slimmer's World, then we went around Festival while we waited for Iam to arrive.

Then it was off to Tagaytay. We were so glad that the weather was cooperating that day. Well, it wasn't exactly sunny all the time, but it was good enough that it wasn't raining. By the time we got to Tagaytay, we had to decide where to eat for lunch, which was sort of a little challenge, because Iam recently got braces again. We ended up at Buon Giorno at Cliff House. We all decided to get two kinds of risotto, as recommended by Rosa. Iam got the vegetable risotto while Rosa and I both got the salmon and asparagus. Paired with tarragon tea, the risotto was scrumptious. I think I ate too much too fast, though, but it was yummy!

After lunch, we headed next door to Fling, the yogurt place with a funny name, ahahaha. When we were deciding whether to get casual (small) or all the way (large) servings, I was already snickering. When Rosa noticed...

"Sa yogurt lang ako 'casual'."
Uhm, so san ka "all the way"? Hahahahaha!

After yogurt, we hopped back in the car to go to our primary destination, which was the Pink Sisters chapel. I have to admit that it was my very first time to go there, so it was quite a treat to visit. Spent some time in the chapel first, then we walked around, teasing Rosa about reminiscing a certain day before she had to leave for Switzerland a couple of years ago. After a little more teasing after we reached the grotto, we headed back to the car for the ride back.

Dropped by ATC so Rosa and Iam can check out jelly cases for their phones (because they saw that I had switched from a leather case to a jelly case for my own phone, ahahaha), and Rosa was the only one who ended up with one because we couldn't find a clear jelly case for Iam. We then decided to call it a day, so Iam and I hopped on a bus while Rosa headed home in the opposite direction.

I just love days like today where I get to spend time with my two best friends. Wherever we end up going, we always have a blast.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Long Wednesday; from Makati to UP.

I didn't expect yesterday to be a long day, but I sure had fun.

Let me just share first. I finally finished the crochet hat that I was working on in the office during calls, hahaha! My next project will be Baby Evan's bonnet for when he arrives.

And I just want to let this out first. Whoever said those things about me, please naman, base it on the truth. If you think that that was the reason I'm there, it goes to show how little you know of me. If you want so much for it to be exclusive, go ahead. Pero sana naman hindi mo dinaan sa pagsusumbong ng something na walang katotohanan. And saying that I'm too close to someone or a a group, especially that one in particular? Hindi mo nga ako kilala. Pero sige, you got what you want. It's not really a big loss for me. Ayoko lang ng may mga nagsasabi ng kung anu-anong kasinungalingan tungkol sakin. Please lang. It's pathetic and cowardly. Sana dinerecho mo muna sakin.

Yun lang. Anyway, I've moved on. Hahaha. Moving on, moving forward, keeping positive.

So after work yesterday, I went with Lawyn to Xanadu's rehearsal venue for their bloggers' conference. We got there pretty early, so I went with her to the warehouse first to get some stuff and check out the set that was being built there. Haha, it's nice to know that Kuya Jimmy still remembers me. And I can't wait to see the set on the stage of RCBC. I didn't want to take a photo of anything, of course, but I'm exciting to see something onstage. There are some stuff there that was reminiscent of Miss Batoctoy's Stage FX class.

Anyway, back to the studio just in time, as the pizza for the bloggers had already arrived. Just killed time outside the rehearsal venue until the cast had finished their run, then we were finally led inside.

I'll post about the bloggers conference in another entry. For now, let me just share that it never really dawned on me that I have a recorder in my phone, and realized it too late already, as I was scribbling away half the time, ahahaha. By the way, nice to see you again, Arjay! Nice meeting you as well, Chuck!

After the bloggers conference, I took a jeep to Ayala, and during the ride, I was thinking on what to do before I head over to UP to watch Orosman at Zafira. Before I thought of hanging around the mall, I remembered that Sam had left my Cats souvenir programs at the Ticketworld office, so I decided to walk over there to pick it up. After that, I decided not to hang around the mall anymore, because that meant going back to the other end of Ayala. Instead, I took a bus to Buendia-Taft, so I could take an FX taxi there to Diliman. That way, I can sit during the entire ride, plus grab a bite to eat at Philcoa while killing time.

I had dozed off during the ride, and when I woke up, we had stopped at a gas station nearing Welcome Rotunda. A smelly guy had boarded the FX and sat behind me (I was sitting up front in the passenger seat, and the only other passenger was also behind me) and had asked the driver if the vehicle was going to SM North. He looked shady and creepy, aside from the fact that he smelled. Mukhang holdupper, considering dalawa lang kaming pasahero. The driver suddenly said that the FX can only go until Welcome and he made the guy get off. Then he talked to me and the other passenger, telling us to stay for a refund. Apparently, he also had a gut feeling about the smelly guy so he didn't want him to ride. Relief. Thank you, manong driver.

Got off at Philcoa and grabbed a bite at McDo, at the same time taking advantage of their free WiFi so I could kill time, ahahaha. When I had my fill, I boarded a jeep to UP and got off at Palma Hall. There was an event of some sort on the first floor, but I headed directly upstairs to the Guerrero Theater.

Criena was also there at the FOH table, getting her ticket. As it turned out, both of us were watching the show alone, so we just decided to watch it together. Sat around in the lobby, just talking while waiting for the house to open. What amused was that I've always known of her, and we only got personally introduced to each other when Legally Blonde came along, but we never really talked except to say hello. It's nice to always talk to a new friend.

When the house opened, I didn't realize that the venue had reserved seating. To my relief, my seat was on the 6th row, right in the very center. Criena's was 2 seats away from mine, and when the ones who owned the seats between us didn't arrive when the show began, we decided to sit together, ahahaha. Sorry, late kayo eh.

My goodness, the show was spectacular. I remember how my jaw dropped at certain things. I honestly don't know where to start. The set was simple, but can easily be moved about and one transformation after another was easily made with the cast's swift motions. The cast was powerful, and the ensemble was a sight to see, especially during those battle scenes. I first thought, how can the cast keep their energy up with such precise and tiring choreography? But if you keep listening to the live music, pati ikaw magaganahan din. Bow ako sa whole cast. Everyone was equally amazing. I was so glad to catch this show despite the fact that I might have to watch it alone. Criena and I totally enjoyed the experience.

Hung around the lobby after the show to say hello and congratulate some of the cast. Eventually, when the crowd had thinned out, we decided to go as well. Criena and I were supposed to share a cab back to Makati, but there weren't any cabs passing by, plus it was raining, so we just got on a jeep to the MRT. When we also couldn't get a cab there, we just decided to take the bus to Ayala. We ended up catching this weird TV show on the bus TV which seemed like a ripped-off, watered down local version of Jerry Springer, ahahaha.

It was quite a long day yesterday, so I'm glad for the day off today before I head back to work tomorrow.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Goodbye, Cats merchandise booth. Hello, "normalcy."

Cats finally closed last night. But my last shift at the merchandise booth was last Friday, so I had lots of free time during the weekend. It was actually amusing to find friends and other familiar faces during the shows, and there were people that I didn't expect would watch the show. Well, probably because it was a well-known musical with a well-known Filipina performer? Oh well.

Some of the most amusing friends who dropped by the merchandise booth were Patton and Mika, who took quite a while to decide between buying a shirt or a cap, and because of the time spent just debating over it, Patton ended up going back during intermission just to buy the shirt. On the other hand, I didn't recognize Mios when she came up with her dad to buy tons of merchandise. I was almost ready to ask them to decide because we were almost ready to close up, but when she recognized who I was, I let them buy more time, because they really bought a lot of stuff!

Script analysis class was canceled last week because half the class were part of Banaag at Sikat, so I managed to squeeze in some sleep between my morning shift in the office and my final Cats duty in the evening. Too bad. And class this week will also be canceled for the same reason.

I came pretty early during my last day on Friday, and as soon as I got off the jeep at CCP, I found out that Nicco and I were riding the same jeep. We ended up hanging out for a while in the LT lobby, catching up on each other's news. It was great to talk with my baby bro again. More to come, I hope?

Because I had nothing to do on Saturday after my shift, I ended up meeting up with Gino for lunch, despite the fact that he has sore eyes, ahahaha. Yan ang friend, hehe. I hung out for a while in the lobby, then decided on a whim to watch Banaag at Sikat the following evening instead of next week, as Gino and I had scheduled.

Once I got home, I had an early dinner, and decided to take a nap. Holy kamote, I woke up 14 hours later! That was a great sleep!

Back to CCP yesterday, but I decided to go there early to meet with some of the AFLS gang, who were watching the final show of Cats. Easily found Betsy and Edcel in the Main Theater lobby, and chatted with them for a bit. I parted with them for a while so I can go around the Little Theater lobby, then after a while, rejoined them for dinner at Army Navy, along with Jeff, Noel (? My oh my, my memory is going) and Sheila. Hahaha, photo ops for a while, and I noticed that I was the only one wearing white while they were all wearing black. Parang may birthday daw ako sa photos because I was the only one wearing a different color.

I headed back to CCP earlier than they did, and dropped by the Cats merchandise booth for a while, before I found Allein in the Little Theater lobby. As it turned out, she and students had trekked all the way from Nueva Ecija to watch Banaag at Sikat. Hung out with her in the lobby along with Dan until the house opened, then we got seats in the middle.

Banaag at Sikat as a rock musical was a pretty interesting concept, but it did remind me of a localized Spring Awakening, which was attempted when TP staged EJ a couple of years ago. The opening number alone had the right amount of energy, and it was amusing to watch them move about. Yes, Edna Vida's choreography was awesome. There were some dull moments, but it picked up every now and then. I have to admit, I've never read Lope K. Santos' book, so I had to rely on the synopsis. There were some actors that pretty much stood out aside from the leads, and it was refreshing to watch them spring into action like that.

After the show, I said hello to some of the cast who came out into the lobby, then I crossed the street to Dencio's to meet up again with the AFLS gang. Sheila and I were crossing the street at almost the same time, so we walked there together. There were only Betsy and Jeff who were left, plus 3 boys who pretty huge fans of Lea. We ended up just getting something light as they already had a heavy dinner before their show (and so did I before then), and talked until we all called it a night.

Cats had finally closed its curtains in Manila, and now the Jellicle Cats will be off to Taiwan. As for me, I can't wait to watch another play later this week. Orosman at Zafira, here I come. =)

Monday, August 16, 2010


It's becoming a running joke between a bunch of friends about how a lot of people have gone emo. I, for one, refused to admit to being emo myself for a time, but when I woke up this morning, I told myself to just shut up, and just be optimistic. Take out all the negative vibes. It's time for emo-busting, hahaha.

So to start off, here's a couple of overdue quotable quotes that I never got to post during a Peaberry session.

(While in the car)
Drei: *ranting* Kasi--OHMYGOD, YOU GOT THINNER!!!
Me: Huh?
Drei: You... you... I can see your neck.
So dati wala akong neck?? Wahahaha.

While in Peaberry with Drei and Carla, brainstorming.
Drei: *pensive mode* [talking about play] *takes a bite of chimichanga* So--OHMYGOD, ANG SARAP!!!

Ang generous niya sa exclamation points, ahahaha.

Anyway. So going back to the present. So yesterday was the day I got to watch Cats. I decided to meet up with Gino for lunch before he heads over to Banaag at Sikat rehearsals. I enjoy these spare moments with friends like him before going somewhere. Had lunch at Reyes Barbecue while chatting, talking about his own certain moments (ahehehe). I love how he's so happy about things are going with him lately. He truly deserves it. At may theme song na kami, and it appropriately played at the right time while we were there, hahaha! "That's what friends are for," diba? Wahahaha.

Talking to a bunch of friends and letting out some steam if something irks you really helps a lot. You can go all emo, but just for a while, because hey, who can stand listening to someone who's so emo all the time, right? Hahaha.

Emo. I actually loathe the word, bwahahaha.

One should always enjoy simple joys. Like simple cream of mushroom soup.

Now that's a yummy piece of simple joy. Comfort food, hahaha.

And of course, it also helps to find something as an outlet to de-stress. Thank goodness for crochet projects. I always have one nearby when I'm working in the office.

Yes, I'm working on a floppy hat for myself. Up next, a little baby bonnet for an arriving newborn. =)

After work today, I headed to Atlantis for a visit, plus the fact that it's Lawyn's birthday today. She bought us lunch from World Chicken (one of my favorites), plus there was also the cake Ate Sally and Claire ordered from Sugarhouse. My goodness, after chicken with pesto and mashed potatoes, a rocky road mudslide was way too sinful. Thanks for the treat, Lawyn!

I then headed to Greenbelt to have my eyes checked, as I'm overdue for new contact lenses. The doctor at Sarabia then checked my eyes and made me read these insanely small texts, up to the point where I could only see spots (though she said that it was perfectly natural, because the latter ones were already impossibly small for anyone to see, anyway). She made me wear the lens contraption longer than usual so I could easily get used to the new grade that she slipped on.

And once I had taken it off and asked for the prescription, I was amazed to find out that the grade of my eyes had lowered one step! Yay! So now, I'm also thinking of buying an extra pair of contact lenses, this time either in blue or brown. To you, yes, you, the one who's reading this, which should I get, brown or blue colored contact lenses?

I was so happy to learn about my eyes' grade that I gleefully walked back to Atlantis. As I approached the automatic doors near Delifrance, I noticed that it was already closing, so I calmly walked toward it so it will open again. It didn't. Hahaha!

I just stared at the doors for a moment, then said out loud (to the amusement of the security guard inside and 2 men standing outside), "Nasaraduhan ako."

It was like an MLIA post come to life. Hindi naramdaman ng doors ang presence ko, ahahaha. Yes, I'm a ninja again, ahehehe. I ended up chuckling to myself the rest of the way back to Atlantis.

If that weren't enough, I had a nice casual but comforting chat with a friend this evening. I didn't really expect much advice from him, but in the end, I realized that I should've come to him sooner, as he was full of great advice. Thanks for the talk, I truly appreciate it. And hindi pa rin bagay sa iyo ang pagiging modest, but yeah, malakas pa rin talaga ang dating mo. Uber thanks for the great insight.

Yep, in the words of Elle Woods, "Keep it positive." So the little optimistic ol' me is back.

Watching Cats.

Even though I've been working at the Cats merchandise booth in the CCP Main Theater lobby since the show opened, I only got to watch the show yesterday afternoon.Each of us working at the merchandise booth were given a chance to watch the show, and I scheduled mine on a weekend because I work at the booth during the weekdays.

I wasn't really counting on watching the show even before we got hired to work there, but of course, this was a big opportunity to watch it for free. So I guess I never made any expectations before I went inside the theater. I didn't even think about my seat. But to my surprise, when I checked my ticket the moment the stub was torn, I was right down there in the orchestra, 8 rows away from the stage! Great seats! Thank you!

The set was already a sight to see even during preset. And when the overture began, holy kamote, it was like a sound and light show as the Jellicle Cats came rushing onstage from different parts of the theater. My jaw dropped right in the beginning of the show. Holy kamote, I was in awe that much? Hahaha.

When the cats sprang into action, I envied how they were so light on their feet, and how their movements never affected the quality of their voice. And yes, for those who haven't seen it or haven't noticed it before, Lea was in the opening number, dressed as a different cat as part of the ensemble. She was pretty easy to spot, but I guess that would be pretty relative, as I was sitting that close.

I loved the energy of the cast (by now, I'm getting confused whether to write "cast" or "cats," hahaha), and I was pretty amused at how they made every character their own. Each cat was different, and even though every movement in the choreography had uniformity, they managed to create a certain nuance to reflect each of their cat's personalities.

Yes, I was in awe the whole time. My favorite among the cast would have to be Rum Tum Tugger. His presence onstage was awesome, and his demeanor reminded me of Tim Curry's Frank N. Furter from The Rocky Horror Show. But I have to say, John O'Hara, you rock!

What annoyed me especially during the first act, though, was the couple sitting beside me. They had their Blackberry on half the time, reading the synopsis online. When intermission came, their friend came up to them and asked, "Do you know what the story is?" I was about to tell them about buying the souvenir program when he said, "The program's mahal... 500." Oh-kaaay...So the couple handed him their Blackberry so he could read it.

Of course, there was also playtime during the last 5 minutes of the intermission. As the cats went off around the theater, everyone whipped out their cameras and phones, snapping pictures of the cats, but unfortunately, they were pretty hard to stop from taking photos when the show was about to resume. Hay, annoying. Ahahaha. Well, can't help it.

Then there's the Filipino translation of a verse from "Memory." The girl who sang it was sweet and sincere, and I love her rendition of it despite the fact that the language was foreign to her. And how about that Mr. Mistoffelees. His moves are amazing. Skimbleshanks is another character that stood out for me because of his somewhat poised demeanor, and of course, Munkustrap, and Grizabella.

Lea's voice was crystal clear as she sang "Memory" with such passion, and I have to admit that I had tears in my eyes when the Jellicle cats finally got around to accepting her again. Victoria's innocent touch to reach out to Grizabella had a certain beat that touched me as well.

The whole show was a feast for the eyes, from the set, to the technicals (would you believe there are even monitors in the house showing the conductor that the cast can see while they were performing?), to the performance of each actor. I know this is a bit late, but congratulations to the entire cast of Cats!

Lea, sorry I didn't get to drop by the dressing room. Got a little busy. Maybe later this week, perhaps.

One more week of performances to go.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Also written August 10th.

I spent the last hour before my call time talking with Gino in the Little Theater lobby after having dinner in the buffeteria. He started a conversation that he had with a couple of our common friends who were asking advice about guy problems. He referred to a certain person, which automatically led to a topic that concerned me due to the obvious link.

I ended up sharing some stuff that I usually save for private blog entries, and before I knew it, I could feel my eyes welling up with tears. Gino then asked if I was crying (as the lights were kind of dim in the LT lobby), so I turned away even though I reluctantly admitted that I was. He even quipped that it was the first time to see me cry, which in turn made me chuckle amidst my tears.

I have to admit, I don't like people seeing me cry. I always gave out a facade of someone perky and optimistic, so showing my sensitive side was sort of a sign of weakness. But I have to admit, it felt good to talk to Gino that day, maski na pinaiyak niya ako, hahaha!

OK, enough drama. Back to life.


Wrote this on August 10th.

As I walked down the street where I live, there were a couple of times (including today) when I passed by 2 kids riding bicycles. The first time I saw them, the mom or the nanny was trying to teach the young boy how to ride a big/adult-size two-wheeler (not the mountain bike kind, though), while his younger sister looked on. She was riding a smaller two-wheeler, but she already knew how to ride without training wheels.

This afternoon, I only saw the little girl riding her bike, as her mom and nanny each kept an eye on her while they were chatting with another neighbor. They both told her to turn back once she had reached the farthest speed bump up the street.

It reminded me of the days when my brother and I used to ride our own bikes up and down the street. I envied my brother for riding a two-wheeler even though I was perfectly content with my smaller one with training wheels. Eventually he had my bike's training wheels removed without telling me, and despite my protests, he told me that I could still use it. For a few days, I didn't ride my bike sans the training wheels.

During one afternoon though, I was seated on my bike near the curb while my mom and aunt were talking to a couple of neighbors. I was just sitting there, then I tried to balance myself on the bike as long as I could. After a while, I remember experimentally putting my feet on the pedals and pushing off. To my excitement, I realized that I was already riding my bike on just two wheels!

The afternoons were mostly spent just riding bikes with my brother and sometimes some other kids from the nearby houses. And whenever my cousins visited, we took turns riding my bike as well as my brother's. A couple of years later, I outgrew my small bike, and somehow had to relearn how to ride using my brother's bike. Eventually once I got the hang of it, more afternoons and summers were spent riding up and down the street with my cousins, sometimes even going as far as my cousins' house several blocks away.

I suddenly miss riding a bike. I remember I even used to rent bikes near the CCP area just for the heck of it.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crashing, but ending the week was the best.

I was pushing myself to the extreme during these last few days of the past week, but it was great to cap the entire week with a movie with some friends.

Last week, I was trying to decide whether to take this class that used to just be exclusively offered to the TP Actors Company, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were opening it to a few outsiders. Gino and Rayna had told this to the day before their first class, so it took me a while to decide, considering my budget, time, and of course, "given circumstances" that personally hinder me. I even talked it out online with Joel (who said that he was also wondering about my posts on making decisions), and as he gave me more insight, I realized that it was not just a matter of personal issues with someone, but also a matter of personal issues with myself, my path to discovering who I am and my passions in life.

Eventually, I finally decided to take the class. I got copies of required reading materials from Riki and Gino, and spent my meager free time reading up. Heck, by the time Friday came, I was still reading, even during work (ack). I was running on a few hours of sleep because of Cats merchandise duty the night before, but I still barreled through. Riki had said that he plans to meet us newbies at around 12:30 at the conference room, but he said that he was sort of running late, so I ended up just sitting in the south entrance, making small talk with Tad while he was waiting for Banaag at Sikat rehearsals to start in the LT.

Soon, the new AC scholars started trickling in, and Marco also had recruits in tow, Kiki and Harold. Once we were all complete by 1pm, Sir Dennis finally arrived and we all greeted him a belated happy birthday. In return, he passed around a box of yummy lemon squares from Becky's Kitchen, hahaha.

We started discussing John Millington Synge and Riders to the Sea. I remember reading this way back in 2001, but never got to absorb it, because I never really enjoyed the class. Or maybe it was because of the teacher. Oh well. But reading it again now, considering all that we discussed that day, I came to appreciate the play much more.

I have to say, I'm grateful for grabbing this opportunity to take this class, because this is the closest thing to being part of the Actors Company for me, ahahaha! Well, seriously, they really have good training, and it's kind of rare that they opened this class to a few outsiders.

Because I was still lacking sleep, I was practically crashing during our vacant periods that night in the Main Theater lobby. I didn't really want to drink any coffee, because for sure that would be pushing my limits. Instead, I just waited it out until I got home, got in a couple more hours of sleep before I had to wake up to go to work on a Saturday morning.

Rayna and I had made plans the day before to watch Inception on Saturday afternoon after her voice class, but then her class got canceled, plus Opa had also agreed to meet us before she had to go to work in the evening. I managed to get in a good few hours of sleep in the lounge before I met up with Opa in Glorietta, where we had a late lunch and nonstop talking. Rayna was running late, but by the time she arrived, we were all chattering nonstop, and even more when we found out that Opa's dubbing duty that night was canceled. So yay, all three of us could watch the movie together. Anyway, more chika galore, plus some "the who" blind items and quotable quotes...

"Anong kino-collect mo sa buhay?"
Ahahahaha, at may pahabol pa! "...And memories."
(Sabay tapon ng bag si Opa.)

"Magaling siya kumanta. Magaling siya sumayaw... Yun lang."
BWAHAHAHA. Sino kaya ito?

We then went to the grocery to buy some snacks, and noticed someone was texting Rayna. Tama ba namang humirit na nagsasama ang mga malulungkot at single. Sorry, masaya kami dahil wala ka, hahahaha. I love Rayna's comeback.

Inception was awesome! I love it so much that I'm thinking of watching it again. Kinda makes you think even more. Arg, hahaha. It's the type of movie that makes you still sit while the credits roll, and the first thing you could say was, "Good movie" before you had start analyzing the story, hahaha.

It's a great way to cap the week with a couple of good friends, like last week as well. I hope weeks always end like this.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Repertory Philippines' Little Women.

Posting this for Bea.  =)

Repertory Philippines is staging Little Women in November - December of this year, but I recommend you plan ahead and buy tickets now.

Louisa May Alcott's 1869 semi-autobiographical classic novel gets a musical make over, with its themes of sisterhood and female empowerment providing an automatic connect for women of all ages. An inspiring story of the March sisters - Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy - growing up during the American Civil War. A story that touches the hearts and minds of young and old alike.

Little Women focuses on the four March sisters - feisty, tomboyish, aspiring author Jo, who maintains fierce loyalty and love for her family while refusing the constricting role laid out for women at that time, romantic Meg, pretentious Amy, and kind-hearted Beth - and their beloved Marmee, at home in Concord, Massachusetts while the family patriarch is away serving as a Union Army chaplain during the Civil War. Intercut with the vignettes in which their lives unfold are several recreations of the melodramatic stories Jo writes in her attic studio.

(Synopsis and poster courtesy of Repertory Philippines.)

LITTLE WOMEN will be running from November 20 - December 12, 2010, at the Onstage Theater, Greenbelt 1, Makati.


Caisa Borromeo as Jo
Lora Nicholas as Meg
Cara Barredo as Beth
Kelly Lati as Amy

Jeff Arcilla as the Professor
Jaime Barcelon as Laurie
Jack Salud as Brooke


Pinky Marquez as Marmee

Directed by Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo

But wait! There's more!

Bea's selling tickets to the December 10 (Friday), 8pm show.
It's just 6 days shy of my birthday, so please make the both of us happy by buying tickets from her, hahaha. =)

Ticket prices are as follows:
Orchestra: Php 1000.00
Orchestra Side: Php 800.00
Balcony: Php 500.00

For ticket inquiries and reservations, please text or call Bea Garcia at 0917-5128930, or you can email her at bea.c.garcia@gmail.com.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Decisions. Discernment.

There are so many things I have to think about, so many choices, and so many other options. Sometimes it gets too frustrating that there are a lot of choices to choose from, and when you try to narrow it down, it gets even more frustrating for me because I have to weigh each choice. Lara told me last night to look at the pros and cons, but so far, I've only looked at the obvious reasons.

I spent yesterday afternoon just dwelling on it, and by late afternoon, I headed to church for discernment. I guess it was the best time to go, as I had not attended mass in quite a long time due to work. Anyway, during mass, my mind began to wander as I started to ponder over it. I still haven't decided on what to do.

I sent a message to one of my teachers, and the response I got was to just go for it. I simply thanked him, and left it at that, still not ready to decide. I told myself I'd give myself one more day to think about it, and also to consult my cousin regarding my already hectic schedule, because we were working together for one project. He was OK with it, and we'll just talk to our clients later this week.

Now it's all up to me. I have a few hours left to dwell on it more. I guess what complicates things is that I'm also considering certain personal issues, when I really don't have to.

Oh well, we'll see.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

On my blogs about random thoughts.

Lara's text to me last Friday: "Your last blog, Starbucks Solitaire, made me cry. A trigger. Now I'm at Gloria Jean's waiting for Casey to pick me up and my MP3 is randomly playing letting go songs. Haha."

It's been ages since I wrote an entry like that. As much as possible, I try not to get too emo in my blog entries, but of course, I didn't want to be too detached either because that would be being too plastic. I missed writing like that, and I have to say, it felt good to release. Plus it was flattering that someone was somehow touched by what I wrote.

Sometimes, though, I feel as if I'm not really honest with myself when it comes to some entries. Like yeah, I blog about how the days were, but there's still some kind of detachment when it comes to certain things. Plus I'm sometimes hesitant to write about certain thoughts, because some lurkers might assume things. But oh well, it's still my blog anyway.

I got to meet some of the new AC scholars last Thursday, after I received my first pay from Cats. I met up with Gino during early evening, and bought dinner for him and Rayna. When Gino had to leave for Banaag at Sikat rehearsals, Rayna and I headed to Jollibee where Chic, Dan, Marco and Jelson were. Spent a couple of hours just sitting there, talking about anything under the sun from the most mundane to the profound, because it started raining really hard and we decided to just wait it out until it lets up.

I just find it amusing that for the past 3 new batches of AC scholars, I always meet them at the same time. I met the 2006 batch through Nicco when we were just hanging around in the lobby and watching Virgin Labfest. I met the 2007 batch as they were the actors in the play I was stage managing for my first Virgin Labfest stint. And this new batch through Rayna, even though I already know and am friends of most of the new scholars already.

I heard some news late last week, and I'm considering it right now. Thinking it over, discerning, planning, and mapping out my schedules. I gave myself a deadline to decide. I hope I make the right decision, as there are some weird factors to consider.

First free weekend.

Ever since Legally Blonde opened in the Meralco Theater, I never had a weekend to myself. Then suddenly Cats came into the picture, which I thought would go as easy as it would come, as I had expected early last week. But after a few negotiations, I'm back on the roster right there in the lobby. Of course, I had to alter my schedule to accommodate more time for myself as well. I missed having weekends to myself.

Yesterday was my first Saturday that I didn't have to work at a show. So of course, I made plans with Rosa and Iam, as I haven't seen my 2 best friends in ages. Met up with Rosa at Salcedo Market after work and had lunch there. I had an overdose of samosa, so I ended up just eating half of the whole box that I ordered. Eventually, we had lots of time to kill because it started raining really hard, and decided to leave when it let up.

Off to Festival Mall, where we decided to meet up with Iam. A little bit of kikay shopping and window-shopping, then the three of us headed to Rosa's house for our much-awaited fajitas night.

While the fajitas were still being prepared, the three of us just hung out in the dining room, talking, and eventually our conversation drifted to how their makeup workshop went the day before. I shared with them the eyeshadow tricks that Mercedes taught Roan and me, combined with how Nikki does her eyes, and Iam and I each ended up having one eye made up when the fajitas were ready, hahaha.

I think Rosa warned us at least twice that she made a lot for that night, plus that fajitas were really filling. She was right about that last one. I was ready to give up by the time I got to my 3rd one, and Iam was pretty full as well (a first!), so Rosa ended up having the last one, ahehehe. Then after we were done eating, it was back to the eye makeup, especially for Iam, ahehehe. At least it was an opportunity to try that makeup remover that Rosa just bought in Festival Mall, hahaha.

I had a blast spending time again with my two best friends. Yesterday was a long-overdue day of quality time with them.