Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Songs For A New World press conference.

Attended the press conference of 9 Works Theatrical's Songs For A New World at A.Venue Suites yesterday. Decked out in a T-shirt and cargo pants, I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb as most of the people were more dressed up, hahaha. Anyway, when I arrived at the entrance, I was greeted by Tricia and Peachy, along with Toots Tolentino, and found that I really was registered as a blogger for the press con. After signing in, Toots gave me a press kit and a goody bag from Hershey's chocolates (which I didn't get to open til much later) and I got to sit at a table up front with Santi, a blogger named Omar, and a couple of people from a leading broadsheet paper.

Of course, after enduring a crazy jeepney ride before arriving at the venue, I immediately attacked the food. I got to talk to Omar about bloggers' events during lunch, and eventually I managed to plug a couple of theater events into the conversation, hahaha.

Pinky Marquez then began the program, introducing herself as host, and after a brief spiel, she then called Santi to speak briefly about 9 Works Theatrical, as he is one of the people behind it.

As an introduction, Santi mentioned a talk with Robbie over coffee, mentioning college theater orgs such as Ateneo Blue Repertory, which got them into thinking, "After graduation, where would these people [or student-actors] go?"

Hence, 9 Works Theatrical's missions:
- To contribute something significant to these actors,
- To showcase their talents,
- To provide more avenues to showcase their talents, and
- To come up with good shows to showcase what Filipino talent is all about.

So yes, it's along the lines of passion, love for theater, and naturally, loving your craft.

Santi then gave the floor to Robbie, who then told us how he chose Songs For A New World as his maiden production for 9 Works Theatrical. Hahaha, it was like a contagious disease that you didn't mind getting. Heck, when I attended just one rehearsal of the show during Peachy's thesis period, I had last song syndromes of almost every song! And I still don't have a copy of every song until now, hahaha!

Robbie then introduced the cast of Songs For A New World (who were hand-picked, by the way, for their vocal ability to sing the songs), and then, along with musical director CJ, they performed a medley of songs. I love love love Jason Robert Brown because of this musical. I remember Paolo kept raving about it before (so Pao, you'd better come watch this time).

After the medley, people were allowed to ask questions for Robbie and the cast to answer. I was already sort of zoning out at this time, just scribbling or doodling on a piece of paper (which happened to be part of the press kit). Heck, one question was even about the characters, and so the cast kept talking about their characters, which sort of became a spoiler for some, hahaha.

So there I was, still sort of doodling on my paper, and briefly heard that there was a raffle. I stopped listening, because, hello, what were the chances of winning in a raffle? But hello again, I heard my name being called. Surprise, I won an overnight stay in A.Venue Suites, hahaha! Yay, thank you! Hahaha, what was even funnier was that the girl from the broadsheet who was also sitting next to Santi won the 3-days stay at Puerto Galera, hahaha! Both of the people sitting next to Santi won? Hmmmm... Hahahaha!

After the formal event was over, we attacked the food again, especially the gelatto (yummy Fiorgelatto). Too bad I couldn't stick around longer, as I had to fly to CSB for class.

But I have to say that it was a very successful press conference. Congrats to 9 Works Theatrical! And break a leg for Songs For A New World this May!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Same aura.

In one of my blog posts a couple of months ago, Nar had mentioned that Lawyn and I looked alike in some ways, and even our aura was the same. Amusing.

Tuxqs had mentioned this evening that ever since he had met Lawyn, super friends na raw sila, and she reminds him of me raw. Yung aura nanaman ang nasabi.

Mae had even posted a photo in the aforementioned blog post to check if Lawyn and I really do look alike, hahaha. I dug up some of my own photos as well.

The above photo was taken in December 2003, backstage during Urinetown, when I first introduced Lawyn to the world of Atlantis. She's the 2nd one from the left, and I'm the one with the brown hair next to her (duh, wahahaha). Do we look alike?

From our first Atlantis production together, this 2nd photo was taken from Avenue Q's Christmas staging, my last production in Atlantis with Lawyn. Heyyy... I think we do look alike. "Aura-wise" (what a word, hahaha), we do have that same kind of lively disposition. Tuxqs had mentioned something about light na aura, something like that. Ganon? Hahaha.

Nakakataba pa ng puso when he added, "I feel good when I'm with her... parang sa yo." That was mighty flattering. Thanks for the compliment. =)

A divide?

"Once that divide appears, it's going to be difficult to cross back over again."

Was watching My Boys on ETC this afternoon and that was one of PJ's last lines in the episode. When detaching one's self from certain friends, how true is that?

What do you think?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Last Full Show.

Don't mind the title. Wala lang yan.

This evening, Betty had told Opa and me, "Kung walang opportunity, then make the opportunity."

She's right. Oh, the things we will do, hahaha.

The three of us went to watch the Dulaang Sipat Lawin alumni's twinbill of Bent To Heat You Up and Cool You Down in CSB. I had wanted to watch it when they staged it in Penguin, but I didn't have the time to do so. Thank goodness they did make the opportunity to produce it in CSB with the help of the Arts Management students.

One thing annoying about watching shows in CSB that are ORDEV accredited is that most, if not all, of the kids just go there for the sake of just attending something that was required of them to go to, and not bother understanding it. But sometimes, when they do try to understand it, you realize by their noisy reactions how boxed in most kids are now these days, ahahaha. Considering that these gender plays are not exactly all that wholesome, you'll hear gasps and squeals and other "scandalized" noises all over the place. OK, all right, it's natural for those reactions, but please naman, keep other conversations to a whisper. The people sitting in the row behind me kept talking about the "ew factor" and what this alter ego was saying, etc, that it was getting too distracting already. Oh well.

Anyway, it was still a great show. I love how the alter-egos in To Heat You Up and Cool You Down were sort of battling it out to concretize the thoughts of each person. And the story of the homosexuals in Lihis who fall in love in a concentration camp was equally brilliant, especially being laced with wit. That simple eyebrow gesture just to say "I love you" was so touching.

Congratulations to the Dulaang Sipat Lawin alumni!

So anyway, Betty and Opa and I ended up talking in Jollibee after the show. The quote Betty had said emerged as we shared each others frustrations in finding outlets. We also shared how it would be fun to work with each other again because it doesn't really seem like work. Heck, the simple table discussions and rehearsals we had last year didn't really feel like work at all. It was as if we were just playing around, but we were still seriously doing our craft with such passion. Plus Betty and I want to see Opa act, hehehe. Opa, let's stop hiding behind stage manager's posts. Looks like May is turning out to be our annual arts month, hahaha.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drafted to join the Spelling Bee, ahaha.

When something goes wrong onstage, it's up to the actors' presence of mind to improvise and keep the flow going. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee requires actors who know how to improvise as there's audience participation involved. I guess that's why they got Joel from SPIT as Vice Principal Douglas Panch, wahahaha.

Because I had class in the evening, I decided to check out the afternoon DTR of Atlantis' Spelling Bee yesterday. Lawyn immediately drafted me as one of the guest spellers so the cast can rehearse with audience members as well as celebrity guest spellers. The other 3 spellers were Jill, Reb and Karl. After a little briefing in the lobby with Chona, it was game time.

Cathy then called us one by one after the opening song, and I ended up sitting between Chip Tolentino (Felix) and Marcy Park (Thea), with a huge number 15 card dangling from around my neck. I was planning to get offstage as soon as I can so I can watch the entire show. But the first word I got was "emperor" so I couldn't make anything up, hahaha. Reb got "bingo", Carl got eliminated, and Jill got "dog." Wahahaha, I really wanted to laugh my ass off onstage (Reb was contagious), especially when I started hearing the obscure words being used in crazy sentences, and when the cast made all 3 of us dance along with them in "Pandemonium" (ending with Reb standing alone upstage with his hands over his eyes, HAHAHAHA!).

Holy kamote, I was the last among the four of us to stay in when I had planned to be one of the first, ahahaha. So anyway, my supposed last word was this obscure word that I knew I'd mess up spelling... but to my surprise, I actually spelled it correctly! Ahaha, because of that, Joel had to call me a second time to spell a second word which I had to spell incorrectly, with Mitch Mahoney (Noel) already standing next to me, armed with the juice box. BWAHAHAHA. This is the reason I didn't want to be the last, ayoko magkaroon ng moment during "Prayer of the Comfort Counselor," ahehehe.

Finally got to sit in my own seat so I can crack up as loud as I want during the rest of the show, hahahaha. The cast was hilarious, right on up until "The Last Goodbye." Hopefully I can get to watch an actual show to catch real audience members and celebrity spellers.

Ahahaha, sure enough, Joel's major note was when I spelled my supposed last word correctly. Eep, my bad. But I actually thought I spelled it wrong! Sorry! Hahahaha! During their dinner, everyone started teasing me that it was my fault because I was such a good speller (nyahahay) and "henyo" daw ako, according to Noel. But Joel was right when he said that at least they had encountered that "problem" during a rehearsal instead of during a show, otherwise, it could happen the same exact way and he wouldn't know what to do, ahehehe.

Even though I didn't get to watch a real show yet, congratulations to Bobby, Chari and the entire cast and crew of Spelling Bee!

To those who want to watch Atlantis Productions' The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, please do so! It runs at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza Makati from March 20th to April 4th. Please contact Atlantis Productions at 892-7078 or 840-1187 for ticket inquiries. Or you can refer to their website for respective blockbuyers of each showdate if you have a specific date in mind. Direct link is here.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Recalling workshops, and TP Actors Company's Script Analysis recital.

I was cleaning out the clutter in my email inbox a couple of days ago, wanting to get rid of the unnecessary emails that I had kept due to certain references at certain times. Considering that the first email in my current address was dated back in 2005, I was amused at some of the emails I managed to dig up and read through again along the way.

There were so many emails from the yahoogroup of the first workshop I had attended in Tangahalang Pilipino. It was really the best group I had spent the summer with. As in hindi talaga kami nagsawa sa isa't isa. We hung out at someone's place every Friday night after class, and never went home until the next day, and sometimes until Sunday. Beginning acting pa lang ang class na yun, pero ang laki ng growth ng buong group, not just as actors, but as people as well.

Anyway, I just had to laugh when someone had created a poll in the group (I think it was Fiancee).

May 24, 2006

Sa Loob ng 6 na Linggo na Workshop... Ano Ang Pinakamahirap na Activity we have done in Workshop...? Yung Dibdiban Talaga na Halos Umiyak ka na...!!! The Winner will recieve ! 1 Year Supply of Kropek... "_____VOTE WISELY______"

The results were as follows.

The Poem Verb : 50%
Time & Weather, Enter In__Exit From : 0%
Character Profile : 25%
The Animal Evolution : 16%
Tongue Twister : 8%

Hahaha, "The Poem Verb" activity was when we were required to choose a poem to recite, but inject emotion into the piece using a verb we were given once we were on the acting area. I remember reciting a Sylvia Plath poem, then the 1st verb I got was "punish." Wahahaha, kamusta naman at kung anu-ano na lang ang ginawa ko kay Tupe for that verb. Suddenly he got bored when the 2nd verb I got was "soothe." Other favorite verbs were "charm" and "seduce," both used by Tin, while her crush was visiting the class along with some other actor friends, hahaha!

The animal evolution was one of the funniest exercises we ever did. We each randomly drew out slips of paper with names of animals on them, and we required to research on how they look and move, then show the class how the animal moved, and if it were given human qualities. Kamusta naman ang octopus na naglalaba, namamalantsa at nagtetelebabad all at the same time. I also remembered the parakeet, the gorilla, the squid, the dragon (HAHAHA), and the praying mantis.

Then who could forget the favorite tongue twister. "Minimikaniko ni Moniko ang makina ng minika ni Monica." Run, pose, and say the whole sentence. Merv ran, stopped, and pulled a strip of paper from his pocket. Talagang may kodigo pa eh, hahaha!

It's almost summer. Supposedly workshop time again. But time and budget contraints are in the way so I won't be able to return this year. Sadness.

Went to the TP Actors Company's recital in Script Analyis yesterday. Hahaha, Betty and I were the first ones to arrive outside the Conference Room, so we just hung around in the hallway outside the venue, just talking. Hmmm... just sitting there on the bench triggers certain memories, like hanging out with Aelain and Robi before class began, and sometimes sitting outside with Trency and Rayna, with our scripts on our laps.

Anyway, when Betty and I were about to enter the conference room with Opa, Sir Dennis immediately approached us, asking us to write down quotations on slips of paper that he handed us. As it turned out, this was not only their recital for script analysis, but also for improv. Rosa then called me to say that she was parking her car, and since she doesn't know the way to the venue, I met with her at the entrance and herded her into the conference room. Even after we had returned our slips of paper to Sir Dennis, he was still at it, asking all each of us certain questions so that the answers will be used for the improv.

Sure enough, after Sir Dennis had introduced the Actors Company one by one, it was time for improv, hahaha. They did the familiar story exercise, the Oracle, the shopping list, the quotations, the experts on an obscure object, the talk show and a radio show. Hahaha, everyone was laughing their asses off at whatever the AC managed to come up with.

I miss doing improv. I learned not to fear it during our BA workshop.

Finally, the stage was set for the 2 plays for the evening. Gabun by Tony Perez was up first, featuring Tad and Russell. Basically it was about to guys who discovered that they had the same father. I was in awe watching these two. You can actually feel Jaime's awkwardness towards Adrian, and each guy's sentiments toward their father. Tad had told me a couple of days before about how his character had felt near the end of the play, but I didn't expect my eyes to well up in tears as well as Adrian tearfully told Jaime about their father's suicide, and how he had uttered a different son's name. Heck, I even caught Sir Dennis wiping away his tears after the curtain call.

Silang Mga Nalugmok sa Dilim by Arturo Navarro (a.k.a. Dennis Marasigan, ahehehe) was up next after a brief intermission. Per usual, Riki was quite a standout. Too bad there were these "sayang" moments. I have to say, there were some things that weren't really quite believable. So I may not be a good actor, but there were a few things didn't ring true. But of course, this play still had its highlights, such as the B-plot about Kat and Chrome's characters, despite Chrome's funny amputated leg (HAHAHA). I actually expected what would've become of Tara's character, considering all the circumstances. And of course, Bong's villain uncle.

All in all, the recital was quite good. Congrats to the Actors Company and to Sir Dennis Marasigan!

Before I post this, I just want to share this pretty sight I encountered late this afternoon.

The sun was hiding behind some clouds as it was about to set. The light on the water along the horizon reminded me of those rare days when the sun only chose to shine on certain patches, either to spread the sunlight or to keep it from spreading.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's tough when you have a friend or a group of friends that you have grown pretty close with, then after quite some time, when you drift apart, suddenly your points of view differ so extremely.

It just feels weird, but of course we have to accept all the changes. But once you talk about things where your opinions turn out to be different, ang sakit pakinggan if your friend questions, argues, ridicules or even insult your own opinion.

Of course, I still have to stick to my own opinion, but I also have to respect the opinions of others and embrace the fact that we have become so different and have drifted apart.

That's why sometimes, I sort of get anxious about get-togethers. Syempre excited din dahil makikita ko ulit ang mga kaibigan na matagal ko nang di nakikita. But of course, there could be a small possibility that after briefly catching up on each other's news, there might be nothing else to talk about with some of the people.

Oh well, life goes on.

Can't wait for Friday. Planning to watch the AC recital in the evening.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Iam's surprise birthday party, and etcetera.

Went to CCP last Friday to watch PHSA's production of The Children's Hour. Hahaha, read from Miss Lallie's Multiply that because it was directed by Tuxqs, bongga daw.

Boy, was she right. Those kids are brilliant. Well, there are a bunch that caught my eye, especially the kid who played Maria. Haha, even though Obie had said na possible na no acting was required for her to be a brat, she was still pretty good. You can see everything in her eyes and her motions.

Hung out with Tad after the show, just sitting around in the dressing room before he prepped up for the evening's Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah. Haha, even had a bit of chika with Mikki as well.

Didn't get to watch PHSA's 2nd play the following day, as I had class in the afternoon and had to come home early in the evening.

Sunday was the day of Iam's advanced surprise birthday party. Aris was supposed to pick me up so we can get the pancit I had ordered, then we had to meet Ge at South Mall at 6pm. Plans changed when I suddenly got a text from Rosa (who took a couple of weeks off for a little vacation). As it turned out, she had arrived in Manila that very day.

Ended up having Rosa pick me up at my house and spent the entire afternoon talking in Figaro. We both told Aris we'll pick up the pancit ourselves (because we were already near the panciteria) and meet him and Ge in South Mall. Hahaha, Rosa's car smelled of pancit right on until we arrived in Pilar Village.

Anyway, when we got to South Mall, we met up with Aris and Ge at the supermarket, where they got drinks and other utensils. Ge ordered a cake and chicken lollipops in Red Ribbon while Rosa and I headed to National Bookstore to buy some birthday balloons (hahahaha). 48 years ang paghintay sa chicken lollipops na yan ha.

When we arrived at Iam's house, Ate Iza had said that Iam was still asleep, so all 4 of us waited in the living room while she woke Iam up. Hahaha, what a surprise that was. Another surprise was that Rosa had said that more people were coming, so Iam rushed back into her room to change clothes. Yes, quite different from the birthday surprise Iam and Rosa gave me several years back.

My goodness, the food just screamed carbo-loading! We had pancit, a ton of rice, sticks of barbecue, chicken lollipops (may sizes ranging from "Chupa Chups" to "Jawbreaker", hahaha), assorted sushi and carbonara! Carlo had arrived after his choir practice, and then Josh arrived much later with (surprise!) Erika as his new girlfriend.

After my evening class last night, I rushed to the Black Box for the first meeting and rehearsal (script reading) of Isang Pangarap sa Gabi ng Gitnang Tag-Araw. Kaloka, I was already embarassed for being late, and when I peered inside the room and saw who the actors were, I almost stepped back into the corridor. Hahaha. Quietly slipped inside as everyone was already in the middle of the reading, and half the people didn't notice I was already there until Andrew noticed that I was the one sitting between Eric and GA, hahaha. Konsepto lang ako sa prod na ito. But I have to say, A Midsummer Night's Dream is actually funnier in Filipino. Or maybe it was funnier because of how the cast read it. Schizo mode ang iba, even me, hahahaha!

Getting warmer. No, I mean, hotter. Arg. And just when I had moved back into my room after playing another round of musical rooms in our house. My room is the only one without air conditioning because it's supposedly the coolest room in the house. Oh well, hahaha. Summer's here. The question is, what will I do during that time?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Songs For A New World returns!

Due to popular demand, 9 Works Theatrical brings back SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD!!! :-)



Music and Lyrics by

Directed by

Show Dates:
Friday, May 1 at 8:00 pm
Saturday, May 2 at 8:00 pm
Friday, May 8 at 8:00 pm
Saturday, May 9 at 8:00 pm
and Sunday May 10 at 3:30pm

RCBC Plaza, Ayala Avenue cor Sen. Gil Puyat Ave, Makati City

contact 557.5860 and 0906.3315961
or call TICKETWORLD at 891.9999

Email Peachy at peachy@9workstheatrcal.com or visit www.9workstheatrical.com.

(Oops, the photo came out blurry. Too lazy to fix it, hahaha.)

Friday, March 6, 2009


Last January, I decided to try out for another outlet, but then Crossroads also got in the way, thanks to Budyokk and Vaughn pestering me to join. So then the other outlet was sort of forgotten. They didn't contact me again for that, so I figured that they had finished casting and I wasn't part of it.

Then suddenly I got a text from the PM just last week. So I guess I got in. Coolness. Another thesis production (syempre yun lang ang pinapatulan ko, haha). When I got the email for the script and a couple of text messages, I saw who I was up against. Huwaaat? I have to act with these people? Holy kamote, I'm not even in their league, and how will I match up to them? And I haven't handled this type of material before. What did I get myself into?

Oh well. Maybe I'll just think that I'll learn a lot from them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The benefit of the doubt.

It's so amazing how the most simple gestures and words can affect a relationship. Sometimes, I just can't help but laugh it off because of the way some people would speak. There are some who would take something way too seriously even though it's half-meant or even told as just a mere joke. Some would take something serious as a joke. Then some would lash out at another person, rant with someone, or kahit ano pang diskarte mo para lang makahanap ng outlet or kakampi.

I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Kasi naman diba, siguro may dahilan kaya kailangan nilang gawin yun. The "benefit of the daw" pa nga eh, kung pwede rin yun. Kasi ang dami na masyadong nasasabi ng iba-ibang tao.

I can't tell anymore. And quite honestly, nakakapagod din. Ang hirap nang i-dissect ang pag-iisip ng tao just so you can tell whether they're still acting so juvenile at sinasadya na lang, or kung totoo nga at... ewan. Whatever.

"Ang plastic mo."
"Kailangan din maging plastic dito no."

I've been hearing this brief conversation for years.

I thought people had buried certain issues already. Hindi pala madali para sa kanila ang forgive and forget. Nagmamatigas kasi siguro sila kaya they still carry grudges.

Plastic. Transparent. You can be either. You can be both.

Stop talking trash, people.

'Yun lang.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Number 2.

Being 2nd best isn't so bad, hahaha. It's still one of the best.

Hahaha, yun lang. =)

Today's homily talked about happiness. Real happiness is not supposed to be fleeting. So maybe what we had was merely out of sheer vanity. But it's not purely vanity, really. Some of the kids needed an outlet, and they wanted to learn. And sure, they had fun. We all did. There were a lot of notes on the execution, especially because most of it was taken way too literally. But oh well, that's how you learn.

But I still can't help that there are still some weird politics on some things. If you know me well enough, you know what I'm talking about. Maybe I'll blog about it another time.

There's another outlet in the works. Sakto lang.

By the way, congrats to Dana and Yuji, hehehe.

I know it's an old song already, but I've only gotten around to listening to Kristin Chenoweth's "Taylor the Latte Boy" recently. Yeah, I've been hiding under a rock, hahaha. Listened to it once, then got a minus one and a vocal score online, hahaha. Paging David, when do we resume lessons? I want to sing this, hehe.

I can't believe I gained so much weight ever since I had squeezed myself into that pretty blue bridesmaid dress. New morning routine starts tomorrow. The question is, will I stick with it?

Random thought. I'm craving for tempura tuna sashimi tartare. Or spicy tuna salad from Omakase.

Speaking of cravings, it doesn't help when I watch episodes of Food Paradise on Discovery Travel and Living, hahaha.

By the way, miss ko na kayo. Yes, you. Kamusta ka na?